Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tick Tock Until Death's Knock

The truth is, this life we live is so complex
We never know, nor can we guess what will happen next
Whether if tomorrow will be a guaranteed day
Or even if our next breath will convey
And yet, we live our lives like a bunch of blind mice
Not knowing where we are destined, as if we’d live twice
However, the clock continues to go tick tock
Until you hear from death’s knock
We ponder upon life giving the hereafter a cold shoulder
Thinking that we can play while younger and pray once we’re older
But no one ever said that you would live to see another day
When was the last time you visited the graves and witnessed this dismay?
From old men to new born babies, haven’t you realized there is no age for death?
Take heed before your time is up and before you’ve taken your last breath
Every soul shall taste death and this is the sure reality
Not a single human or jinn can run away from this calamity
We all need to stop this deep slumber and awaken
Before it’s too late and our souls are taken
While you waste your life disobeying the Lord who created you
Remember the punishment of the grave and hell fire which we know is true
On a day which foul and evil souls are violently retrieved
Then taken to the first heaven to be rejected and aggrieved
The evil soul is thereafter flung down with a mighty throw
This is where the questioning begins 6 feet below
These evil and dirty sins will surely lead us astray
Even worse for those who used to never pray
Death is surely a calamity which we all know is the reality
Still, we’ve all been given a chance to reach paradise with dignity
All we have to do is submit to Allah and commit
Commit to the rules of Islam in this life which they perfectly befit
Then we will be amongst those who are admitted to a beautiful place
With gardens, beneath which rivers flow and full of grace

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